Thoughts about travel

  • Operation Pen Pal & A Soggy Trip to Berlin

    Yes, I know it’s been a long absence. Let’s just say that between work, travel, a visitor, and being sick with two colds in a row, I haven’t gotten to blogging in awhile. Mea culpa. My sister Carol visited for two weeks recently. We had a wonderful visit (despite both of us getting sick in […]

  • Things I Miss (and Not)

    So now that I’m pretty well settled, after six weeks, time for an assessment of sorts. Things I miss, in no particular order: my bed (okay, so I lied–this is way up at the top for sure!) and my recliner; my friends and family (also up at the top); fluffy towels (air dried towels lack […]

  • A little bit of this, a little bit of that

    Sorry for my rather long absence; it has been a busy couple of weeks! Classes are going well, and I have found out a bit more about the exam and university system. Seems that indeed this is a European system of sorts; I am told it is the result of the Bologna Process, aimed at […]

  • The Hungarian University

    I began teaching on Tuesday at the University of Szeged. I am teaching, for the American Studies Department, an undergraduate lecture course (on American Holidays) with about 24 students, and a graduate seminar (on American Material Culture) with 4 students. The students, thus far, do not strike me as all that different from American university […]

  • Food, part 2

    I know I should write about Budapest (and I will), but I feel compelled to write more about food tonight. I’ve come to the conclusion, after three weeks, that the main food groups here are fat, sugar, bread, and meat. The food is delicious, but I’m not sure it’s quite as healthy as our instructor […]

  • Sör, Fagylalt, és Szegedi Halászlé

    These are a few of my favorite things. Yes, this is the first food post. Translated, those are “beer, ice cream, and Szeged fish soup.” All are superb here! I’ve been tasting my way around Szeged for the past couple of weeks, and there is much good to report. The beer is excellent–generally lagers and […]

  • The Street Where I Live

    The Street Where I Live

    The street where I live is called Fó fasor (or Fo Alley); the dorm faces onto Temesvári Krt (Boulevard), but I look out on Fó. The dorm where I live, by the way, is named after Otto Herman (1835-1914), who, according to Wikipedia, was a zoologist, archaeologist, ethnographer, and politician. In other words, your typical […]

  • Szent István has a holiday

    Last week (August 20) was the national holiday in Hungary, which commemorates Szent István (St. Stephen), Hungary’s first king, crowned in 1000 C.E. This was the founding of the Hungarian nation, so this is the main national holiday. Tidbit: István was also a Christian, and, according to my guidebook, required all Hungarians to get married! […]

  • Nem értem

    Nem értem

    “I don’t understand.” I have been in Szeged almost a week now, and I feel like this simple phrase should be emblazoned on my forehead as I struggle to learn the basics of Hungarian. I find myself seeking out cafes and restaurants where there are English translations on the menus, and at least one English […]

  • Final Presentations in Digital History

    My students presented their projects on the 18th despite a nasty snowstorm. The storm prevented one student from attending class, but he participated via speaker phone. Some of our guests could not make it to campus, but several intrepid community partners did. We thank them for coming to see the unveiling of the students’ semester-long […]