Heading to Germany again

I’m off to Germany again, to give a couple of talks this time. Last night I celebrated an early Thanksgiving with the folks in the American Studies department. It was a great Hungarian-American hybrid feast–marinated and roasted turkey thighs with bacon and kolbasz (I have mentioned that they like meat and fat here, right?), bread stuffing (courtesy of yours truly), mashed potatoes, green beans with paprikas, wonderful pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, and apple tart rosettes (beautiful little pastries). And of course wine, beer, palinka, homemade Hungarian cognac, etc. It was a good party–great company and great food, my favorite combination!

Once I return from Germany and Austria, I shall blog about that and about what else I’ve been doing. I will try to catch up–so much still to blog about: mosques and Roman tombs and Zsolnay ceramics in Pécs, Art Nouveau in Szeged and Subotica, touring Eger, and of course wonderful Budapest, truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. So never fear, there is more to come.  Til then, as they say here, “Sziasztok.”






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  1. Rene Avatar

    Ellen, Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving feast! My kind of party too — good food and good people too! I cant wait to read your blogs still to come. Cele and I were just talking yesterday about how interesting it is to read your blogs — because you are such a good writier! Take care and look forward to future blogs. Rene

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