Reflections on visualization

I am not very good at this, sad to say. I can do the word clouds and such from a text, but when it comes to dealing with data . . . Loaded the data set into Viewshare but could not quite figure out how to get usable views. The church seemed to have too much data, and I couldn’t get the same kinds of visualizations that Stephanie showed us. So I have given up on it, for now anyway. This is not something I am apt to use for my research or even for teaching. As a cultural historian I am much more interested in text mining. I can see possible uses for that—searching databases for mentions of gifts or gift occasions or types of gift, for instance.

I have been trying to embed one of my visualizations in a post here, but cannot seem to get that to work, either. Will seek some help with that! Aha, I found help from Julie. Thanks, Julie! Here is my visualization from Voyant.






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